As an estatic professional working at Mercer University in Campus Life I have had the opportunity to grow so much as a graphic designer. My boss Cindy and Carrie are two really great energetic individuals whom have my deepest respect considering the huge amount of work they do each day. They really make an effort to make a difference in the lives of the students on campus.While working with them planning and designing marketing for campus-wide programs, coordinating the distribution of marketing material, and assisting with marketing materials for the programs associated with these functions I helped develop marketing calendars, brochures for Quadworks, posters for concerts and events, pamphlets for events and recruiting purposes, post cards to let students know what is happening on campus, and booklets to recruit members for campus wide sororities and fraternities. All as a creative, enthusiastic, self-motivated flexible individual who loves what I do.

I love Mercer University both as a student and employee and take pride in all that Mercer offers. Below are examples of marketing materials that I have created in action.