Video ~ bunny-go-seek

Last Christmas I was afforded the opportunity to receive a very special Christmas present. My professor’s wife had a really mean rabbit who had taken a particular liking to me. She was soft and cuddly and well…. she was gladly turned over to my possession.

Upon moving into my home she returned to her violent psychotic state and became ware rabbit in a matter of days. I was puzzled as to why until Christmas morning. I had went in to toss her some food from a distance when I noticed her panting and giving birth.

She had six beautiful little ones. I began to notice over time she abused the runt of the litter, biting her and kicking her. It was really sad. I began to hand feed and take care of the runt who quickly became my favorite bunny. Now she is grown and is so cute she plays hide and go seek with me. I was able to catch her on video to share…

rabbit hide and seek into cage

When you sit and view their cute little faces when they are first-born you have no choice but to fall in love with how adorable and sweet they are. The are as soft as velvet and gentle as a lamb.

I love raising my babies and they are wonderful to have as pets.

They are even able to be indoors. Yes, they can be house trained to go to their cage as a litter box. The only fall back is they do chew – so make sure all wires are safely hidden from any little mishaps. I would hate to see the bunny get harmed!