How to create Original brushes-patterns in
Photoshop and Illustrator: 

Tutorial by Tammy Hotchkiss:

Begin by creating the image, which you desire to make into a brush.

“You could work on making beautiful valentines for your sweetie…”

  • scan a hand drawn image and place into illustrator to trace.
  • use an object selected out of an image onto a transparent background
  • (for example take a fall leaf from outside scan into your computer select the leaf inverse your selection delete out the white background and walla real leaf for brush – I even have used stuff like buttons from old shirts or stamps etc… the options are limitless)
  • (if you use this skip illustrator instructions and start with the how to make a Photoshop brush section)
  • draw the image free hand with brushes or pen tool in illustrator

If you choose to use an illustrator image:
Open illustrator and create a new document the size could be 20” height and 20” width at this time, 300 ppi, RGB color is fine. If you have an image you wish to trace you can place it on the art board now.

  • Do this by clicking file place and select your object.
  • You may choose to do this free hand if you wish.
  • Use the paint brush tool to create your artwork.

Change the settings to your choice:

  • stroke
  • variable width profile
  • brush definition

(if you click the drop down arrow it will provide you with your brushes, if you would like a better selection click the folder at the bottom and it will open a world of brush choices for you, when you pick on it will open up a new box probably to the right of the screen – from there you can use the arrows at the bottom to go through all the files of brushes that your computer has available – WOW betcha love this part…) Now create your image.

Once you create the image you like you can create a brush b to go into the brush definition by clicking on the button on the right that looks like a cup holding paint brushes or by the top using window and selecting brushes. On the bottom of the box will be an icon that looks like piece of paper that will say new brush when you roll your cursor over it.

  • Make sure that your object is selected
  • click the new brush icon
  • a window opens and gives you the option to select brush type
  • start with pattern brush
  • click ok another window opens
  • select original  in the box and stretch to fit in the fit section
    (this is so that the object you create stays the same as you paint)

Now your brush should be in the brush definition box at the bottom. When you select it and use your paint brush and draw a line it will create your pattern over and over. Cool?  Walla – illustrator brush 101.

Ok. Now lets clear the image to only what you want on your Photoshop brush.

  • Select all the images you wish to remove and click delete.
  • Then deselect the image on the art board you do want.
  • Now click the selection tool and in the top of the screen is a button called document setup.
  • Click Document setup.
  • Then in the Bleed and View Options section is a button that is called Edit art boards.
  • Click that.
  • Now use the corners to remove all the unnecessary white space from around your object.
  • Don’t get too close leave a little space around the object.
  • Click the selection too to deselect.
  • Your screen should look normal with your new artboard size now.
  • Now click file save as and choose your location you wish to save the file and name it. Save it as an illustrator “.ai”  file. ( I save to desktop – easier to locate)

Close Illustrator and open Photoshop.

How to make a brush in Photoshop

Create a new file size 10” wide by 10” height with a white background. (This is to test your brush on after you make it.) Now go to your desktop or wherever you saved your “.ai” file and right-click on the image and select open with Photoshop. A screen pops open asking for information… Set the width to 7 inches and the height to 7 inches resolution at 300 ppi. Click ok. Now the image is to the very edge and if you create a brush now it will have a flat squared off appearance so to fix this click image “canvas” size and a window pops open asking for the settings change your settings to 7.5” width and 7.5” height. (Do not go over 8” on either size. Brushes are only 2400 pixels in size maximum and 8” at 300ppi is 2400) You can make it smaller, but if you need large images these will work best. This will change your space around your image and center it for a better fit.

Now to make a brush:

  •             Click edit define brush preset.
  •             This makes a brush.
  •             Name it what you want the brush to be called.

(I name my brushes with th at the end so I can distinguish which I have created from others when I am working on projects that have copyright concerns.)

You can find your brush in the brush file located at the bottom.

 Now to make a pattern:
Click edit define pattern.
This makes patterns.
You can find this in the bottom of your patterns file.

Hope I did not leave out anything. If I did please let me know and I will adjust my instructions. Take care.

God Bless,

Making Brushes Tutorial

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