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” Ready for the trip of a lifetime…”

Finally FALL is sneaking up on us…. Thank God for colder weather. If any of your are looking for a “GREEN” get away for the family? Try the HIKE INN. A few years ago my family asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. They were planning a huge party for me, which is really not my style. I am much more of the outdoors kinda girl who enjoys an adventure. Instead of the party, I requested that I celebrate my birthday with a little fewer people and a lot more nature. I chose a location that is just outside of Amicalola Falls located in the north Georgia mountains.

“This is the sunroom where you can view the sunrise from 360 degrees of beautiful windows with a view that will take your breath away.”

It was a choice that I will remember as one of my best birthdays ever. The location is called the Hike Inn. You should truly go if you enjoy the outdoors and the peace and tranquility of less population.

In order to get to the inn you must be in good shape for the hike to get to the location is divine. (However, they do  offer special accomadations for those with disabilities. Just call for more information.)

While you begin to prepare physically, you may want to keep in mind the items you will need to bring. A backpack is a must, but make sure to research the proper way to pack a light load for you have a long journey ahead of you to carry said pack. One of the items you will need will be a great pair of hiking boots to assist you while you are on treching the long five-mile hike through steep inclines and rustic trails that even cross over creeks. Be sure to pack plenty of water and trail mix to replenish what you exhaust on the way there. I would also like to mention you should wear layers of clothes, because the more you hike the more you will want to remove some layers. The more you rest the more you will want to add if its cold. The best advice I can give is to make sure that you prepare properly so that you can enjoy every moment.

“Photos could never do justice to the magnificant view that was bestowed. Truly a work of God’s art.”

I have to admit, the long walk is definitely worth the work it took to get there. The views are breath-taking. When you finally arrive there are warm fires in the wood burning stoves and normally a nice vanilla wafer bunt cake with coffee or cocoa. By the way ~ the food is great. Its served country style where you sit next to others and discuss the proper treatment for blisters from the new pair of boots you purchased without breaking them in prior to the trip.

” Fun for all ages.”

The entire facility is Green Friendly and I learned much about the environment during my stay. Lastly, make sure that you embark on the early rise wake up call for the sunrise. Even if you are not a morning person, it’s a treasure you are sure to not want to miss out on. Just grab a large cup of coffee, theres always a pot on the brew. It will help knock the dust off your eyes for the most wonderful view you have ever seen.

When reflecting on that memory I have to admit, the best part of the entire stay was snuggling up to a good book in the game room while watching my boys argue over who is the best a checkers and not a video game. Now that’s the life…

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